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As the security industry leader in hospital security, we are dedicated to providing the very best in real-time reporting technology resources for hospital administrators and their corporate boards. We provide you with the resources to disseminate all data collected on site in risk and liability terms in a wide array of reports that encompass general security, patrols, and compliance as well as optional visitor entry, vehicle and space management.

Sample Reports


We model our operations to consistently complete all items detailed in the scope of service.


Resolve issues quickly without requiring escalating involvement or with customizable chains of escalation


As a completely transparent real time reporting tool the possibilities are endless!


All these features and more typically customized within your existing operating budget.

Empowering our security teams with the best real-time reporting technology available.

The mobile app is intuitive and easy to use. It gives the officers at your hospital the ability to quickly and easily create detailed powerful reports in risk and liability terms.

  • Maintenance
    Reporting Module

  • Exponential Reporting

  • Emergency Urgent
    Notification System

  • Reduced Risk and

  • Executive Session

  • Forecasting and Budgeting
    Made Simple!


All security, parking and maintenance issues are now able to be handled remotely and appear in the real-time issue monitor online.

Executive Reporting

Every issue submitted from the users in the field, web users, the dispatch or control center, or from the issue monitor is automatically updated in each applicable report.


Our Software provides all the tools to not only prove accountability but use it as a visibility asset. Each and every issue reported in the field is GPS, date, and time-stamped

A Officer Capabilities

Officers on site equipped with smart phones or tablets instantly record incidents, issues, photos, digital audio files, and field notes that are available for review in real time as they happen and before they become problematic. Officers can be tasked at specific times or can instantly be dispatched in emergency scenarios and can communicate directly with supervisors.

B Customization

As the hospital security industry professionals we have identified the foremost issues and incidents that hospital administrators and boards of directors want and need for optimum utilization of security services. However, we also know that each facility is different and offers its own unique challenges, which is why we offer a full consultation to make sure that you get the kind of security and custom data you can use.

C Maintenance Teams

The ability to provide show of force or be a crime deterrent is inherent with our highly trained onsite security, however, we provide much more than that. We breakup our reporting and data collection into distinct modules; security, maintenance, and optional parking. By integrating maintenance issues into your issue monitor we can help proactively observe and report risk and liability issues before they become expensive reactionary problems. Teaming directly with the maintenance team saves time and reduces risk and liability.

D Chains of Escalation

Utilizing integrated technology into real time reporting gives us the ability to make sure the right people are notified of incidents and issues at the right time. We understand the right time is not always the next day when typical Daily Activity Reports are delivered to your desk. Our customizable chains of escalation mean anyone on your team can be instantly notified via email or text in the event of predetermined reported incidents, reaching a specific number threshold or in a time frame, or when an issue is marked urgent by our officers.

E Identify Problematic Areas

We go beyond simply observing and reporting incidents and issues. By attaching GPS date and time stamps, addresses, units, and unique locations to each reported incident and issue we build you a library of data that can then in turn be disseminated in a wide variety of reports that quickly identify what the top issues of your hospital are, where they are occurring and what steps are necessary to rectify them.

F Forecasting & Budgeting

With our in depth reporting and data dissemination, your annual reviews will never be the same. Instead of a security being a "necessary evil" on your books you can quickly see the symbiotic assimilation of real time reporting within hospital departments and teams in reported areas of concern, then rectified issues, and ultimately, note tangible ROI.

G Risk and Liability

Raised curbs, loose handrails, lights out, standing water, slip, trip and fall hazards - all too often these are reported reactively. With our systematic task assignments, dispatch, safety and duty reminders constantly keeping risk and liability abatement at the forefront of our officers while onsite we have many clients report that we proactively have reduced their risk and liability; some even qualifying for lower insurance premiums because of our programs.

Courtesy Tour Inspections

Lobby / Reception
Restroom Facility
Emergency Room
Parking Lot
Outside Perimeter
Common Areas
Facility Lock Ups
Main and Exit Gates
Visitor Parking Area

Optional Parking Management

Commercial Vehicle
Overnight Parking
Extended Vehicle Parking
Visitor Parking Management
Firelane Parking
Trailer Oversized Parking

Compliance Program

Slip Trip Fall Inspections
Scheduled Lighting Inspections
Common Area Inspections
Storage Hazard Inspections

What People are Saying

About Silvertrac Software

Case Study

Cancer research Centers of America

I am very impressed by the Silvertrac software being utilized by the security company providing patrol services to my condominium complex. Specifically, as a person that values the versatility of today's technology I think that it is terrific that I can go on line to request security related services and shortly thereafter a security officer appears to resolve the problem. More importantly, I like that with our new parking program there is no more confusion as to who is assigned to which parking spot and that when guests come over it is easy for me to log in an get them a temporary parking pass. I wish we had this system years ago when I first moved in.

Jane Smith
Jane Smith Hospital Administrator

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